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Welcome to Jinchang Electronics. We mainly provide online services now.
This place was established by a group of people who love research and innovation. We all have our own expertise with electrical and information backgrounds.


Circuit Board Design

Use Altium Designer to design circuits, and also provide customer board copying and small-volume PCB printing services.

MCU coding

Use Atmel AVR series chip programming with low unit price and high stability, or use Arduino programming to easily meet control needs.

Programmable Logic Controller Programming

Currently, we only provide customized planning and design services for the control end.
It is mainly aimed at the planning and wiring of electric control boxes, and is used in conjunction with upper-level control PLC, Human Machine Interface, etc. It can control commercially available products, including various motors, cylinder materials.
In addition, it can be equipped with a monitoring system to realize the cloud monitoring function.

Electronic components Sales

As long as we have the BOM, all the electronic parts according to your needs will be prepared. If you have special specifications or are not sold in Taiwan, you can also ask us.

3C Product Repair

Electrical appliances, electronic products, mobile phone battery replacement, computer capacity upgrade.

More Services will be soon.

PCB Price Calculator

Layers & Materials

Layer:1 / 2 / 4 / 6
Material:FR-4 / Aluminum / Copper core / Rogers / PTFE Teflon
Dimension:5 – 400 × 5 – 500 (mm)
Dimension Tolerance: ±0.1 mm (precision) / ±0.2 mm (CNC) / ±0.4 mm (V-CUT)
Quantity:5 – 1000 pcs
Different Design at Once:1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Thickness:0.4 – 2.0 (Typ:1.6 mm)
Board Tolerance:±10 % (≥1.0mm) / ± 0.1mm (<1.0mm)
Solder mask:Green(Typ) / Blue / White / Black / Purple / Red / Yellow
Silkscreen:White(Typ) / Black (only for white solder mask)
Outer Copper Thickness:1 oz(Typ) / 2 oz
Inner Copper Thickness:0.5 oz (Typ) / 1 oz / 2 oz
Flying Probe Test:Yes
Surface Process:HASL (leaded / lead-free), ENIG, OSP (copper core boards only)

Wire Spacing & Drill

Trace Witdh & Spacing:5mil (for 1-2 layers) / 3.5mil (for 4-6 layers)
Trace Width & Spacing:8mil (for 2oz Copper weight)
Drill Hole Size:0.15 – 6.30 mm
Drill Tolerance:+0.13 / -0.08 mm
Castellated Holes:≥0.60 mm
Blind/Buried Vias:Not Available
Via:≥0.3 mm (for 1-2 layer) / ≥0.15 mm (for multi-layer)
Via Size:0.5 mm (for 1-2 layer) / 0.25 mm (for multi-layer)
Pad:0.70 – 6.35 mm
NPTH size: ≥0.2 mm (mechanical layer or keep-out layer needed)
Hole to hole clearance:0.254 mm (same net) / 0.5 mm (different nets)
Via to Track Clearacne:0.254 mm
Pad to Track Clearance:0.2 mm
Silk Layer Width:≥0.153 mm
Silk Layer Height:≥0.8 mm

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